Mr. Dhruba Hari Adhikary

Equipped with an Honours Diploma from the London School of Journalism, Mr Adhikary has been in media field since 1979. He has worked as correspondent/news chief and editor for various prominent national and international media organisations. He was news chief for Gorkhapatra about 20 years back, and became an editor-in-chief for BBC World Trust several years later.

A Dag Hammarskjold Fellow for United Nations in 1981, Mr Adhikary has also worked extensively in a number of development projects–mainly on development communications. Having taken a ‘Training for Media Trainers’ course in Berlin, Germany, Mr Adhikary has worked in different capacities such as project director, lead researcher, main trainer, team leader and consultant for projects like capacity-building of journalists, media development, ethical journalism, media pluralism, media and governance with support from various development agencies including UNDP, UNICEF, DANIDA and JICA, among others.

Former chairman of Nepal Press Institute (NPI), Mr Adhikary was appointed by Nepal government in positions such as media expert, advisor, specialist, think tank for different high-level commissions, committees, expert panel groups, advisory groups to reform, revise, enhance and recommend laws, by-laws, regulations, policies, programmes involving free media, governance, human rights and participatory democracy. He has made considerable contributions for institutionalisation of a free press in Nepal, thereby assisting government authorities to make Nepal’s media-related laws, government policies and programmes visibly democratic, accessible, inclusive and human rights-friendly.

With his in-depth knowledge in foreign affairs, politics, and constitutional issues, Mr Adhikary has gathered enviable working experience through prominent international media entities including BBC, The New York Times, TIME, Reuters, Yomiuri Shimbun, Inter Press Service, Deutsche Welle, Asia Times Online and has also contributed articles for The Independent (of London), South China Morning Post, Dawn and Los Angeles Times.

Being a founder member of NPI and its head later, he has trained several hundred journalists in Kathmandu and elsewhere in Nepal. Some of his journalism students are now in leading positions including editor-in-chief in various national and international media organisations.

The CMF Founder and former Chairman, Mr Adhikary utilizes his expertise for realising the broader objectives of the organization which remains committed to the universally accepted principles that ensure free and ethical media, freedom of speech and strengthen governance and democracy at large.