Based on its activities, CMF is proud of following achievements:
Training for Journalists on Self-regulation:
  • Local journalists' skills on doing journalism with self-regulation enhanced
  • Journalists' understanding of professional standards and code of conduct increased
  • Journalists' and editors' knowledge about professional values expanded
  • Journalists' sense of social responsibility surged
  • Commitments from journalists to abide by the norms of self-regulation secured
National Seminar:
  • Fresh debates and discussions about digital dimensions of journalistic security kicked off
  • Participating journalists, academicians and students enlightened about World Press Freedom Day and its importance
  • Comprehensive seminar papers prepared for this year’s global theme of WPFD would prompt further discussions
  • Debates among academicians about security measures to be adopted by journalists
  • Concept of responsibility along with press freedom discussed
Orientation to Students:
  • More than 200 students of journalism and mass communication became aware about recent media trends, practices and initiatives
  • They received information about World Press Freedom Day-2015 themes
  • They got chance to interact with media experts
  • They were able to gain additional knowledge beyond their curriculum
  • Their knowledge about press freedom markedly enhanced