Mr. Bindesh Dahal

Mr. Bindesh Dahal is a journalist and development worker with good experience in development sector.

He has worked in different CMF projects. He updates CMF website and edits all organisation documents.

His professional career started as a Lecturer of English in Tribhuvan University where he helped graduate level students develop reading, writing and analysing skills.

He later joined Advocacy Forum, one of the prominent NGOs involved in the field of human rights, as a Program Officer. Working under the project against impunity funded by global organizations like the EU, DANIDA, American Bar Association, he documented cases of human rights violation in Nepal, prepared timely reports and updated human rights briefs. He was also involved in lobby and advocacy of human rights. He has participated in various professional trainings, meetings and workshops relating to human rights in Nepal and foreign countries like Germany and Thailand.

Mr. Dahal has experience of managing training and orientation programmes and preparing project reports. He managed eight training programmes for journalists on self-regulation organised by CMF in eight mid-hill districts in 2015 and three training programmes in 2016 as well as working as a rapporteur for the project supported by the Direct Aid Program of the Australian Embassy in Nepal.

As a Documentation and Communication Officer, As an Op-Ed Editor for English national daily Republica, Mr. Dahal edited articles and letters to the editor and produced analytical articles on various issues as well as book reviews and film reviews.

He holds an M.Phil. in English from Pokhara University and was laurelled with the meritorious student award.

Currently he works as a Documentation and Communication Officer at CMF.