Mr. Mishri Prasad Shrestha

Mishri Prasad Shrestha is a sociologist and development expert. He has gained a vast experience in institutionalising gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) in infrastructure development projects and in resolving social disputes and conflicts seen during the stages of social development projects. He has organised community-based training programmes, awareness campaigns, community mobilisation activities, income generation activities, project appraisal, management and monitoring for more than 30 years. He has also worked in media development projects.

Mr Shrestha holds a Master degree in Sociology with specialization in rural sociology and he has served as a senior consultant and expert in various development projects in community mobilization, social development and GESI. He has played a key role in screening and recruitment of competent human resources as per the requirement of projects awarded by different donors and has advised in the formulation of human resource policy for the organisations.

Specialising in local self-government, Mr Shrestha has contributed to sustainable development and formation of users committee and its roles and functions. He has identified training needs and developed curriculum accordingly for WUSDC, Local Development Officer, Planning Officer and Village Development Secretary working at local bodies. As Program Coordinator and Trainer/Facilitator he has conducted several training programs for VDC secretaries, District Planning Officers, Local Development Officers, DDC members and officials. Importantly, he has identified and assessed training needs for the officials of local bodies: VDCs, Municipalities and DDCs.

He is the Chairperson at Centre for Media Freedom.